Creating an Identity,
Building a Brand

The vision for the village is of an engaging, inspiring and innovative heart that strengthens the community by bringing people together and then bringing them back for more. It will do this by satisfying their needs and exceeding their expectations. Compelling qualities including a unique style, setting, atmosphere, combination of offerings, plus exemplary standards and unfailingly superior visitor experiences will establish the village’s position as a highly desirable North Shore destination.

  • A meeting place for the local community
  • Provide amenity and retail convenience
  • A vibrant destination that attracts visitors
  • A unique village setting adjacent to parkland and beach reserve
  • Provides character and identity to Long Bay
  • Represent the quality of the community through excellent design

There are additional considerations that will secure the village’s position as a viable business proposition:

  • The village will provide retail and commercial offerings superior to those currently available within the catchment
  • With increased visitor numbers to the park and beach during summer the village will potentially cater for up to 25,000 out-of-catchment people per day
  • Research suggests that consumers are willing to travel further for higher quality retail and food & beverage offerings and that well-known brand convenience located locally within the village would prosper.