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Location & Key Catchment Statistics

The combination of Long Bay Village’s superior facilities, stunning environment, attractive catchment, effective transport links – yet strategic distance from competitor activity – presents a business opportunity not to be missed.

longbay statistcs

34% population growth or
385 more people per annum by 2028

40% more or 2,150 additional households within the catchment by 2028

46% of households in Proxy Catchment* with annual income greater than $100,000 per annum

Household incomes forecast to be higher than wider Auckland Region and North Shore City

*Proxy catchment

Used to predict characteristics of Long Bay’s likely future catchment as the current profile is not considered to accurately represent the future catchment area. It is determined by aggregating demographic profiles of similar coastal areas in type and quality. Statistics from Property Economics: Long Bay Retail Centre Assessment. Updated June 2015. Note statistics do not include other proposed future residential developments within the Long Bay catchment. Data refers to Long Bay retail catchment as shown in the image on this page.